techopp consulting


  • Market Analysis
    Market Analysis
    Understanding the market size, need, and competition is critical in focusing product development efforts. TechOpp Consulting will help define your niche and approach, as well as identify market size, price points, business case, value added, barriers to entry, and early adopters. MORE →
  • Value Proposition
    Value Proposition
    Ever wonder why no one stands up and salutes even when you’ve presented them with a great technology? It’s because they don’t see the value you bring to their problem. One of our greatest specialties is communicating how your solution solves a critical problem and then driving home that value proposition to the customer. MORE →
  • Early Adopters
    Early Adopters
    Every industry is risk averse, some more than others, and finding early adopters can be challenging. TechOpp Consulting can provide an independent assessment of your technology readiness level (TRL) and identify appropriate customers. Low TRL technologies may be fine for demonstration at a government laboratory, but approaching a large system integrator with a low TRL prototype is likely to leave a bad impression that will be difficult to overcome. MORE →
  • Manufacturing
    Transitioning from beaker scale to barrel scale is always difficult and often requires large capital investments that are beyond the reach of many early-stage companies. TechOpp Consulting will identify facilities and organizations with pilot- and full-scale manufacturing facilities that you can leverage to enable large-scale production. MORE →
  • Product Launch
    Product Launch
    The goal of early-stage federal funding programs, like the SBIR and STTR programs, is to facilitate transition to commercialization and federal acquisition and to enable product launch. Demonstrate a strong commitment to move beyond SBIR seed funding and develop useful products by including TechOpp Consulting as a commercialization team member on your critical projects. MORE →

The ultimate goal is to navigate the “Valley of Death” and to realize large-scale commercial sales. TechOpp Consulting specializes in aligning new technologies with federal acquisition programs and prime contractors. We will work with you to secure the support from early adopters that enables rapid transition from the laboratory to the marketplace.