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Project and Program Management

  • Cost
    Deviation from the spend plan on large projects may indicate lack of progress or lack of cost controls and will raise red flags with your customer. TechOpp Consulting can help generate realistic spend plans that accommodate various labor types and non-linear task loading. MORE →
  • Schedule
    Maintaining a project on schedule is a core consideration and is often challenging in a fast-paced R&D environment. TechOpp Consulting can provide third-party oversight to ensure a project is on-track and can help identify critical path items and anticipate schedule risks before they become an issue. MORE →
  • Performance
    Ultimately, you need to deliver what you promised. Period. TechOpp Consulting provides a critical, external review of project and prototype performance that helps you anticipate questions and critiques so that you are well prepared to present your results, whether in periodic written reports or in on-site presentations. MORE →
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Much of a PI’s valuable time can be wasted with simply calling and following up with subcontractors and vendors when it should be invested to ensure that a project is technically on track. TechOpp Consulting can relieve some of that burden by holding your subs and vendors to task and providing a single point of contact for all your vendors. MORE →

Securing funding is only part of the equation.

TechOpp Consulting has developed a project management system and training program that helps ensure your project stays on-time, within-budget, and within-scope, as well as streamlines the process for responsibly bidding on larger projects.