techopp consulting

Proposal Development

  • Pre-Solicitation
    Waiting until a solicitation hits the street before you start working on it puts you behind the curve. We establish relationships with program offices and research centers ahead of solicitation release to enable our clients to align their capabilities with programmatic needs and to assemble comprehensive teams. MORE →
  • Competitive Analysis
    Competitive Analysis
    Every problem has multiple possible solutions. We analyze your competition and make a strong case for your unique solution that solves the customer’s pain. MORE →
  • Targeted Solutions
    Targeted Solutions
    “Failure to understand the complexities of the problem” is among the most common debrief comments and stems from the proposer’s lack of experience in specific applications. We invest time researching the problem, anticipating technical and programmatic challenges, and then developing a highly targeted, comprehensive solution. MORE →
  • Proposal Writing
    Proposal Writing
    Let’s be honest. Writing proposals is probably not your favorite task. We have decades of experience in proposal writing and have developed proven strategies that will greatly streamline the process and minimize the total investment in proposal preparation. MORE →

With the tepid economy driving proposal win rates to new lows, responding to solicitations without a solid advantage becomes a costly proposition.

TechOpp Consulting provides full support throughout the proposal development process, from pre-solicitation through submission, and significantly improves your competitive edge.  We reduce your proposal preparation costs, deliver a high-quality document and allow your core technical team to stay on task.

“TechOpp’s has provided our company valuable insight and guidance in preparing SBIR proposals. Their clear understanding of the mindset of the government evaluators has led to actionable recommendations, improving our proposals.”

- Client developing Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) technology and products